5400 rpm Drive - iBook

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Does anyone make a 5400 rpm drive that will fit in the iBook yet?


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    Yep, I've got a 40GB IBM GNX drive in mine. It runs a bit hot in the book though.

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    you answered my question and I didn't even have to ask it!!! lol How would you compare it to the orginal HD that you had in your iBook?
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    It's a little faster, not as much as I expected. It's in a 700MHz iBook with 640MB of RAM.

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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    On another note:

    would it make a big difference if doing e.g. editing of large (> 500 meg) audio files on an external firewire 7200 rpm drive?

    Or, to put it simpler: would an external 7200 rpm drive be A LOT faster than what's in there, or is the firewire interface in fact holding the drive back?
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