Should I buy 3rd party RAM for my Mac?

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I'm going to get a new iBook/PowerBook next week, and I'm wondering if I should buy Apple-supplied RAM or 3rd party RAM. The total amount of RAM I need is roughly 1GB.

My guts say I should be 3rd party RAM, but I'm really worried about compatibility and stability issues.

If 3rd party is a good idea, I need suggestions for good brands and stores (online or off, I live in SoCal), that offers good RAM (specifically for the Mac) at a competitive price, as well as other general advise for comparison (e.g. what price is too low, what price is too high).

BTW, which would you recommend: iBook 12" or PowerBook 12"? I'm a starving software developer on budget.




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    ian8ian8 Posts: 16member
    apple always overcharges for their ram so if you want a better deal go with 3rd party. as for different brands crucial has always worked great for me, but i have no idea whether you can get a better price from a different company.
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