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I am a die hard Sony fanatic but recently went the way of an Apple 1.5GHz Powerbook and 20GB iPod Click-Wheel because of Microsoft! Anyway I love my Mac but also love Sony Electronics and was wondering if anyone knows what the best way to load images from a Memory Stick onto OS X?

I'm hoping for a solution that wouldn't envolve having to connect all those wires from the Powerbook to the camera and the camera to a power outlet?


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    WHat camera do you have? Most cameras that I know of dont need to be connected to an outlet to transfer photos. Anyways, if you dont want cables connected to your computer, then you have to get a memory card reader that will read the memory stick. Since your PowerBook has a PCMIA(dont know if thats right, but the little notebook card thinger) you can buy one that will just pop right in there, and then you put the memory stick into it and transfer the pictures.
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    Freakyfreak is right. A PCMCIA card for your PowerBook is the best solution. It'll be faster and neater than using a USB cable from the camera to the computer. Those cards can be found for about $30.
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    I use a Lexar Media JumpDrive Trio that works great with Memory Stick, CF, and SD. It connects via USB and cost only $20 at CompUSA.
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