'm now confused !

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I placed my DDR 867 MHz G4 order 2 weeks ago. I called the store yesterday, and they said I have to wait another full week before my G4 arrives. A total wait of THREE WEEKS ?!?!

And as time goes by, I read lots and lots of complains and critics on the net about the new PMacs, especially about their noise and heat. It appears to be a real consensus, now. I'm beginning to believe the new machines are lemons. Should I cancel my order ? I don't know what to think anymore.

Please help, before I cancel my order ! Are the new G4 just a marketing coup ?


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    Cheer up had they shipped it 2 weeks ago you wouldn't have a chance to get

    <a href="http://www.apple.com/promo/designfreely/"; target="_blank">Indesign 2.0 for free</a>

    As for noise and heat. Ask yourself why would an 867 Duallie generate more heat than the previous Duallie gigahertz. That point is a nonissue.

    As for noise the new Macs have what I think is 4 fans total so they probably are slightly louder than previous machines however nothing will prevent you from investigating quieter fans if this is an issue.

    Lemons are computers that don't work right. I happen to think Apple taking precautions to ensure the longevity of your computer is atithesis of a Lemon.

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    Personally I try not to believe anything I read on the internet. If you have an Apple store near you go check one out (they are in the stores by now aren't they?)

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    Well I certainly don't think so. Try it before you completely give up on it.
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    You could probly get a QS cheeper and with the same basic performance.

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    Solution to the noise issue is posted on the noise thread. Apple's probably already changing the design so what you get may be better. Of course they're not going to tell us that. Small improvements don't get press releases to minimize distress among those who just bought before the changes. You'll probably get one with 10.2.1 installed. I wouldn't worry too much. However, if you would rather get Maya or Final Cut Pro FREE, you should cancel until those offers materialize as SpyMac predicts they will soon.

    I'm waiting for the dual 1.25's to ship with a FREE copy of FCP 3.0.2 or better. But my tendency is to wait until the end of the offer period just to get one with fewer software and hardware bugs in it. Apple may not make the FCP offer until December's DV Expo in LA. So I may be looking at beyond MacWorld SF if the FCP offer goes into next year.

    I've read an awful lot of good things about the dual 867. It certainly is the most powerful PowerMac that's ever been offered for so little money. I would definitely NOT buy a QS instead. The case alone is way better ? noisy fans or not. This noise thing seems to be highly subjective among new owners. Just make sure you put that Mac under your desk NOT on top of it next to your ears. It's not for looking at nor for listening to.

    One thing I have noticed about the noise is that you should NOT buy any Apple ADC monitors because they CAUSE HEAT that in turn casue the fans to blow FASTER/LOUDER. Choose Formac DVI monitors and use the Apple ADC to DVI adapter to connect them to the ADC port if you're going to use 2. ADC seems to be a cruel joke to those who want their Macs quiet. Aparently that's why the power supply is so gigantic.
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