Double use of HD space

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I have a Al PB rev.1, with an 80GB drive. I have used it thoroughly, but am getting the wrong numbers for my space used and available. When going into Get Info from the Finder, i get values of 61GB Used and around 13 Available. I am the only user of my computer and my Home folder is about 22GB according to "Disk Inventory X", I get something like 31GB for the entire drive.

I've done every maintenance script and started this post after a "fsck" didn't resolve the problem.

Now the numbers above are just guesses from what I recall and what is curious is that 61GB is roughly 2 times 31GB. I do have journalling on, and I don't know that I have any dire need for it, nothing critical or anything, but I cannot believe that Journalling would double disk usage.

I did a "du -hc" in Terminal on my User folder and got 49GB. For "/" I get 110GB. I just used the command "du -ahckx /" and got 61GB, in which case I'm curious as to where all this space is going, which nothing Disk Inventory doesn't seem to find.


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    HD are, and have been, overrated by computer manufactures for a long time now. Dell, HP, and a couple of other companies are (or were at one time in the not too distant past) being sued for the discrepancy. The HD manufacturers are correctly representing the HD capacity but the computer manufacturers are not. My 60G HD only has a 55G capacity. Its just one of those thing you live with... You should be able to find out the exact HD model you have installed and then go to the appropriate HD manufacturer web site for factual information.
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    I realize that, but i'm actually only using 31 or so of the drive, but Get Info says I'm using 63.
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    Originally posted by macserverX

    I realize that, but i'm actually only using 31 or so of the drive, but Get Info says I'm using 63.

    Misread your first post I guess. Journaling uses almost no disk space. The Journal is simply a log of file activity and only occupies a couple hundred kb.

    Have you looked at your partition table? Have you ever recovered your system using the OS X install disks?
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    Open (Applications/Utilities)

    $ df -k (will show totals for Free/Used diskspace on all mounted volumes on kilobytes)

    du -sk /* (shows totals for directories on the / (root) volume in kilobytes)

    You can now see where your diskspace is going (in general).

    In general subtract 10% from the size of the displayed disk size (40GB is really only 37GB, 80GB is only 73, 200GB is only 180GB .. approx)

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