g4ipod rocks

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Well, I have posted a few times regarding the quality of past ipods, returning the g2 and g3. Sound quality, battery life and the g3 was , well it didn't work for me.

Now here I go again, purchased a g4 ipod, well it was a birthday present from a friend, who said just get the ipod. That was back in April, I waited and I'm so glad I did. Got the 20giger and they must have done something to the music processor 'cause the sound is sweet, really clear much improved from the last ones....battery life, OMG, it last more than 5 hours. The click wheel...thank you from product central.

That's it, a happy camper one week in, and not returning the purchase.


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    The G goes after the number...as in 4G (4th generation)

    You'll make a lot of people mad saying "G4 iPod" around here...
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    sorry for the movement of digits, ..same response....it rocks 4g
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    Originally posted by tonton

    The sound is identical between all ipods, provided the equalizer is turned off, the same headphones are used and the latest firmware for each model has been applied. The 4G iPods do not have "improved sound quality".

    ah, the classic placebo effect.
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