Broken imac mouse

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Wow ... just like the old days. The white mouse that came with my imac a few months ago has begun behaving like the old one when it got fluffed up. Am I able to pull it apart and clean it or is it a gonner?


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    how about warranty?
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    I'm sure I can get it replaced .. I was just surprised that this happened with this type of mouse.
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    I'm using optical mice for two years now. Even my first one (MS intellimouse optical) works perfectly for more than 7000 h beeing pushed over the mousepad.

    Therefor I believe there is something ill with your mouses physics.
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    Make sure you have it on a surface that is good for an optical mouse. Shinny or plastic mouse pads don't work right. Try puting a pice off paper under your mouse and resett your mouse setting to the defaults.
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    If it just went out suddenly I would call Apple. Both my keyboard & mouse crapped out (nothing inside them or spilled in them). I contacted Apple and they overnighted 2 pro mice and a pro keyboard.
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    Check the cord. I know on my iMac G3, the cord split inside the plastic outer coating. Had to get a new mouse.
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    imudimud Posts: 140member
    Make shure there is nothing sticking to the bottom of it. Just a little bit of grime in the wrong spot can make it act up and respond strangely.
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