Dynamic DNS solution?

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I was wondering, is there a way to have my G5 at home serve a webpage/FTP without my ISP having a static ip? Just so I can access files from school, etc.



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    ISPs block ports on your home PC so that you can't servers. You need to check if that is the case. If it is not you can always use things like dyndns.org to refer to your home pc.
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    dyndns.org and others offer a service so that you can have a static domain name even with a dynamic IP.

    For instance, you can have yourname.dyndns.org point to your dynamic IP address. Users will be oblivious to your changing IP.

    Everytime you log into your ISP, your computer (or router) can automatically update dyndns.org to point to your new IP address.

    So... you'll need to register with a dynamic dns service such as dyndns.org. Next you will need to run a program like DNS-Update to have your computer notify dyndns.org automatically when you IP address changes. Or you can use a router that does the same.

    I set this up on my mac a couple years ago and haven't had to muck with it since. It is a fairly typical solution for a budget home server.
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