Scientific Atlanta DVR + Mac = ?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I just entered the world of DVRs, with the installation of a Time Warner / Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR cable box. This thing is very slick, with two tuners giving it the ability to record multiple programs at once, or view a live show while recording another.

It's also got a serious complement of ports: Standard cable/antenna hookup, RCA audio & video, S-Video, Coaxial digital audio, and, here's the intriguing part: USB and an external Serial ATA port.

I think this is a brand new model, as I can't find much discussion of it online. The data sheets claim that USB is for connecting a keyboard, and the SATA is for an external hard drive to expand your capacity.

My main question is, will one of these ports allow me to get video out of the DVR and onto my iBook for portable viewing?
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