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Ok, I have my Powerbook working like a charm w/ Airport express, but I am trying to get my roomates Dell hooked up to it as well so he can stream his iTunes as well. He has a linksys router and receiver. I installed the airtunes and airport software, and airport express setup assistant, and even the airport 4.0.1 update. It still won't connect to it. Any tips or tricks? What am I doing wrong? I have tried forever, and can't get it. Someone please be bored enough to help me out.


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    should work fine

    the pc have a wifi card as well ?
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    grafgraf Posts: 22member
    It just worked for me - I set up the airport express on my mac, then when I used my PC, it just appeared in iTunes. It doesn't seem to like it if you're running iTunes on both the Mac and the PC simultaneously though. Maybe that's the problem?
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    Does your airportexp have it's own internet connection? ... or is it using your roommates linksys wifi as it's internet source ?

    If you each have your "own" modem, then he will need to select the APExpress network before he can use airtunes. (his WiFi card can only access one network at a time.)

    ...And only one computer can stream music via Airtunes at a time. iTunes can be running on both, you just can't try to stream with both at the same tme.
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