Floppy disk article makes no mention of Apple...

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This is a link to an article hat came out today:


It talks about how floppy disks are fading away.

And yet, there's no mention about how Apple computers stopped using floppies...oh it mentions Dell and Microsoft blah blah blah...when articles like this make old new sound like the new thing it's just really a shame...


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    Erm... maybe they updated it or something, but straight from that article:


    And it's been a long time since floppy disks were even floppy. They used to come in a bendable plastic casing and were 5.25 inches wide, but Apple Computer Inc. pioneered the smaller, higher density disks with its Macintosh computers in the mid-1980s.

    Then Apple become the first mass-market computer manufacturer to stop including floppy drives altogether with the release of their iMac model in 1998.


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