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I edited and made a movie then made it into a dvd, but the text is quite pixelated. Is there a way to make the text a lot sharper? I made credits and they are completely unreadable. The movie is also pixelated. I believe I used the highest possible setting, so I can't see why it wouldn't work. If there are any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. CHeers!


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    How long is the movie? It may have been compressed if the movie was too long to fit in full quality.
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    its only 8 minutes! so its not a prob with too much compression in idvd. i think its the text in imovie.
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    What resolutuion is your movie?

    What are you watching it on?

    If you are making a 320x240 or 160x120 flick then it will look really bad on a computer, but should look better on a TV.
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    The text looks bad on a computer. Burn it to DVD or copy it back to tape and watch it on TV. Should be fine.
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    i tried maxing the res. and i did make a dvd and watched in on my tv and it looks like ass, thats the prob,
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    I too have this problem - badly pixelated/blocky text in iMovie, enought to be noticeable on a TV.

    It my be because I am using a white font on a black backround, although I have muted the shade a bit... should I be sticking to certain 'safe' fonts?
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    OK ... I think I've found a fix for this problem but it's got me freaked out...

    Changing the 30-second-long movie to export in H.264 solved the problem but now the file is 15 TIMES smaller than the "full quality" version! It is 2MB instead of 30!

    Can someone please put my mind at rest that I have not sacrificed quality somewhere else here - that I'm not going to import it to iDVD and then find the picture looks rubbish on my TV?

    It just seems too good to be true. And if it is better, why doesn't iMovie default to H.264?

    EDIT: I found this thread in a search, but it appears to be in the iPod forum - please move it, Mr Moderator!
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