Online iMac G5 interactive stickers demo

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I put up a little demo in Shockwave that you can try online to show how the iMac G5 could look with customized front stickers a-la-hPod. Just too bad I don't have the money to start up a iMac-O-Stickers company, since that would make a great demo for customers.

Included as a pseudo easter egg is the original flower power pattern (just click on the colored egg).

But the real fun of it is that you can enter the URL of your favorite image (GIF, JPG or PNG) and it will be used as a sticker for the front of the iMac. You can also set the blending level using a slider control. I may add some cropping tools in the future, but hey this is just a little demo for fun

The "nature" example below is just that a random example, remember you can try with the images you want in the demo.


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    Hehehe thats pretty neat

    Interesting posibilities
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    That's pretty cool flash coding, if nothing else.
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    Hey thanks for the comments

    Just a little thing, there is no Flash (.swf) involved in the demo, it's a Shockwave (.dcr) project. Both plug-ins are from the same company (Macromedia) but they are not the same.
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