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One final question before switching, can the ibook/powerbook trackpad be programed to double click by tapping on pad, scroll or any other function? Trackpad, to a possible pc switcher seems to be a major deterrent. Feels like I will be taking a step backward in technology, but hopefully it will be worthwhile. Thanks.


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    [quote]Originally posted by Defiant:


    how? i'd like to know
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    [quote] how? i'd like to know <hr></blockquote>

    In X: apple menu &gt; system preferences &gt; mouse &gt; "Use trackpad for : ..."

    In 9: apple menu &gt; control panels &gt; trackpad

    However, I do not understand why the trackpad could be a deterrent. What else did you have then? You can plug in an USB mouse, or trackball or whatever you prefer, and the eraser mouse stick thingys, they are horrible (you wouldn't be referring to those would you?).
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    there is no option there to use the trackpad as a scrolling device.... :/
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    The option isn't there because there isn't one. You can't do that. You can tap to click, tap and a half to drag but that's about it. The scrolling was probably the only feature I missed from my Dell when I got my first powerbook. I've gotten over it.
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    Although the action is smooth enough with the trackpad on my PowerBook, the pain in my wrists was no fun at all. Using a mouse is just so much easier. I have the Kensington pocket mouse (USB cord rolls up inside mouse for travel) with a scrollwheel. It's a small mouse, though, and perfect for small hands, so it's not for everyone.
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    If you really can't stand the trackpad, I too would also recomend the Kensington Pocket Mouse.
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    I love this little trackpad, pad tapping makes clicking nice and quiet when in a class. I can even swing a myth ii game w/the trackpad and do pretty decently, considering.
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