iMac G5 dumb question

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I have a 3 year old G4 iMac and I have a question.

Would a purchase of a new G5 afford me anything at all?

We use it to surf the web, email,finanical records and listen to music on the web and a bit of Photoshop.

My wife wants to upgrade--I think it's a waste of money for what we use the computer for.


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    If you want to reclaim desk space, the G5 iMac is an advantage.

    If you want a larger screen, get the new iMac.

    If you want a faster machine to play newer games, run Photoshop faster, get the new iMac.

    If you have kids, the CRT iMac would make a wonderful kids computer.

    But if your machine is still good enough, consider waiting for the next iMac generation that should last you another 5.
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