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Well, a couple of months ago I came here to get some audio questions answered for a friend of mine. He wanted to do some indoor stage recording with up to 4 mics. The conclusion we came to then was stick with 2 mics and his current equipment, wait until going big.

Well the time has come I think and he's looking at getting all the pieces soon.


2) 6-8 Mics

3) PowerBook

My questions now are mostly about software, but also the setup. To me, based solely off what I've read and learned about the products, would be a great recording solution and portable enough. If not, I'd love to hear it.

Software: all he's going to want to do is master and mix 6-8 tracks. That would mean possibly cleaning up any echos, balancing volumes, tweak bleeding if necessary, simple things. This is all going to be spoken word stage recordings, not distorted rock and roll, so he's probably going to want to get the audio crisp and clear when all is said and done.

What's the best audio software to use for such a task? No midi required. Just to do the cleanup and master a redbook audio CD.

Please feel free to add any anecdotal stories you may have. I'm more than interested in personal success and failure stores. The more info the better.

Thanks in advance.


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    To my knowledge Motu 828 only has two mic preamps so ...

    6-8 mics?


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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Well he might have to add an external preamp, unless someone else knows of a better piece of hardware.

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    Well I would add mio 2882 to the list.

    It cost more but it does more. Better A/D etc.

    Although you must be careful with the mics.

    The preamps are OK, but has not much gain so high sensivty mics like earthworks, DPA works perfect.

    I guess dynamic mics wouldn't be any problem either.


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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Unfortunately that piece of hardware is probably out of his budget. I can check, but I'm not hopeful.
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    Originally posted by bunge

    Unfortunately that piece of hardware is probably out of his budget. I can check, but I'm not hopeful.

    You should look at RME Audio's Fireface 800. Brand new product, Mac drivers aren't ready yet (and won't be until October, apparently). But it looks like the best firewire audio interface at this point and has 8 mic pres if I'm not mistaken.

    A cheaper possibility is the Presonus Firepod. Not as high quality of sound and not as fully featured but includes 8 mic pres for around $600.

    I think MOTU also makes something with 8 mic pres. A standalone 8 pre-amp box is probably around $600 for a budget unit so you're better off going with the RME or a similarly priced product than getting both a cheap interface and a cheap 8-pre thing for the same price.

    For software it sounds like Logic Express would suffice for mixing 6-8 mics down to a final stereo mix. I don't know about mastering in Logic Express; perhaps someone else will address the software side of it. (I use Cubase SX rather than Logic).
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