WTF is going on with the iTunes UK store?

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First of all iTunes tells me that I can no longer access the site, because I need the latest version of iTunes.

So I check which version of iTunes I am currently running (v4.6), and I check Software Update. There's nothing on SU, so I go to the Apple website and low and behold the latest version of iTunes is in fact v4.6.

So I restart my Mac, and then launch iTunes Music Library. It takes me straight to the US site, and when I click on 'Buy Song' it correctly tells me that it's taking me to the UK site - which it does.

Funny how I've always been on the UK site before and never once asked it to go to the US site, anyway I'm on the UK site now so that's okay, right?

The only problem is that whenever I search for a particular artist, or click on a link, it's the US content and the US prices - and guess what, I can't purchase it.

I've tried reinstalling iTunes from fresh, and it's still doing it.

Anybody else in the UK experiencing this?


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    Originally posted by Messiah

    Anybody else in the UK experiencing this?

    I was having the same problem but it seems to have fixed itself.
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    Yep, I've had the same problems. For me, it happens mostly at what I'd consider 'peak times', i.e. 6-8 in the evening. It seems that whenever it has one of these 'episodes', it defaults back to the US site, but I can then select the UK site no problems. If possible, try a bit later in the evening, or in the morning or during the day.

    Don't bother emailing the iTMS support peopole, they are next to useless . I even had one person say that I should re-install iTunes for Windows (I've got an iMac BTW ). I even tried phoning them on the number they put at the bottom of their email replies... Two problems: 1) the number they give is not form iTMS support, apparently that's only available via email, and 2) the call centre opening times were wrong anyway!!! I've given up on them .

    Muppets .
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    Not experienced that I'm afraid, but i did have a problem with iTunes at the weekend.

    I docked my iPod for the whole weekend continuously as i wasn't going anywhere I would need it. The iPod is a 20GB 3G model with about 11GB of music on it. At one stage iTunes started syncing with the ipod and a message appeared saying that "not all songs have been transfered to Ipodacus (my ipods name) as your ipod software is too old" or words to that effect.

    I thought that was odd since i had not added any new songs to my library and there should have been nothing to sync. I check the ipod and discovered that iTunes had in fact removed all but 500MB of my music from my ipod!

    Restarting itunes and undocking then redocking the ipod caused it to re-copy my library into the ipod, but what on earth caused that blip I wonder?
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