Ram and OS X Freezing Questions

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I am trying to get new ram for my computer. CompUSA had these cheap 256mb ones for 32 bucks or something. Yet the guy almost refused to sell them to me because "most often cheap ram is the cause of system failures"

is it really worth it for me to order expensive ram online? if so what is a good ram company? what stores should I order from.

another thing is my OSX on my G5 freezes SUPER often. There also is this glitch were the whole computer is super loud. When my computer sleeps after a time of no use, it sometimes has the fan go VERY loud and the fan just constantly blows until I shut down the comp. I have been using discwarrior, yet it forze a couple times when it was working on the hard drive and running off the CD. is there anything I can try to fix my comp.


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    There is no reason not to try cheap ram. If it works then fine and if it doesn't then sell it on ebay and buy some expensive stuff.

    Try creating a new user account and use that account for a while (assuming you've done the repair disk etc) if this fails then re-install would probably be the easiest.

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    anyone know a good diagnostic/ defrag computer fixing software? I use diskwarrior now, heard alot of bad things about norton when os x first came out.

    lemme know whats good i need something.
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    Disk Warrior is good for stuff that Disk Repair can't do.

    Journaled HFS+ partitions have auto defragging.

    Search the posts for more details. I think Kickaha (mod) have a good reply to a post on it (could be wrong).

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    RAM can and will cause your operating system to lock up. I had a similar problem on my PC with Windows XP. The problem in the PC world is the power-on bios test for ram are not good enough. The only good RAM testing software would be one that boots off a floppy and writes patterns to memory for testing. I am not sure how this would work in a Macintosh world.

    I had to replace a RAM SIMM to get my PC to work without crashing. You can tell that the computer becomes unstable as the RAM usage increases.
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    should I test the ram my computer came with? or if I add some more, even if the stock ram is getting shitty the new one will be enough?
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    Originally posted by Chikara

    should I test the ram my computer came with? or if I add some more, even if the stock ram is getting shitty the new one will be enough?

    If it works, it works. You can remove your earlier RAM to see if the system is stable with the new RAM *assuming* that the new module is good.

    The RAM that comes with your computer should have been tested by the manufacturer of the system, but you might just be unlucky to get something defective.

    Then again, RAM may not be your problem for system lockups. You can try a trial and error approach after you try this option.

    If your computer is under warranty, I would suggest a call to Applecare.
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