Trackpad problem on the new PowerBook 12"

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just bought the new PowerBook 12" with ComboDrive, and I've noticed that from time to time, the trackpad button will click by itself while it is being released (i.e. rather than "release", it it'll be "release-click-release"). This happens when the trackpad button is released very slowly. Here's how I could consistently reproduce this problem:

1. Open up any window with a scroll bar.

2. Click and hold the trackpad button on the scrollbar and move the curor to an area outside of the scrollbar.

3. If I release the trackpad button instantly at this point, everything's normal. However, if I release the trackpad button very slowly, the unintended click occurs and whatever is on the background gets selected.

Do others have this problem as well with the new PowerBooks? My old 500mhz iBook has never had this problem, and I find it quite annoying while scrolling around a lot with my trackpad.


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