Reading +R DVDs?

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Hey gang, long-time lurker here....

I'm trying to read some DVD+Rs on my Superdrive. I haven't been able to find much online, but I've read that Superdrives can read +Rs but not write to them.

When I try to read one, I get a CDROM folder with a red dash (presumably read-only)... but no contents. I'm locked out of even seeing the contents. I can't change permissions either.

So, does anyone know (definitely) whether Macs can read +Rs or not? Any type of system hack I need to do? Or do I need to buy a newer external drive to read this stuff?

I'm on Panther 10.3.4 with a 4x-Superdrive in a dualie mirror-door G4 -- any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Most incompatibilities come down to the bit-setting of the DVD+R media. It's pretty annoying since you never really know when a +R disc will be incompatible with your older DVD drive or not. My DVR-104, PowerBook's combo drive and iMac's DVD-ROM drive won't read certain DVD+Rs at all.

    But what you're talking about isn't a compatibility issue. The "CDROM" folder on that disc is merely locking you out because you don't have the right permissions to view them. I don't think it's because your drive can't read DVD+R, otherwise nothing would show up at all.
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