Disabling Keychain??

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Is this even possible? Would it effect OSX in any way aside from no access to my very passwords? Or am I just being too paranoid about the fact that my laptop carries with it every bit of security information to get into my email and other worthless online items I own. I downloaded the First Aid program becuz I was having very annoying problems with my keychain with only 2 users on this laptop, but I guess it fixed it. I still dont ever want to have to see this thing again nor have it save any passwords. You are all the genius's you tell me your opinion.


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    The Keychain encrypts all the password info with hard 256bit DES. Very secure. What you want to do is simply require that you re-open the keychain after waking from sleep, and only you will be able to ever get to the entries.

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    Ok I am a jr basic newbie here...so your going to have to help a poor soul out. I've looked at the keynote access control panel and I'm kind of confused. Do I have to set up each password in this thing, or is there a general button that says "Stop asking me, just do what you gotta do"? I'd like for this thing to automatically turn on and do its thing behind the scenes without ever bothering me, i have my login password setup and the same for screensaver/standby. I would like keychain to open up and spill its guts to the programs that have all the passwords as long as someone knows the pass to login. How do i set that up?? Thanks
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