help harddrie done for??

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hi i'm new here but i think i'm in big trouble. I have a powerbook G4 12" and something is really wrong. It bascially froze up on me during normal operation. I then shut it down by holding the power button. It the will not restart. It would go to the grey apple screen and that was it. So i put in the rtestore CD and held the C button to get the disk repair/installer up. That came up and shwed the hard drive. I went through the first part of the install sections till it showed the selct a disk to install on except there were no choices so i couldnt procede. I quit that and went to disk repair and it start making almost a scratching noise in the left corner of the laptop closest to the user.

That all it will do now is make noises from that corner and the disk repair/install screen doesnt show a HD just the restore/install disk that is inserted.Please help me I have no idea what is wrong or why this happened. my warranty was up in august so i'm screwed that way.




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    Did you get the spinning beachball when your 'Book froze? Did you get clicking noises from where the scratching comes from?

    Same happened to me about half a year ago. My harddisk died. Fortuately, it was not dead right away and I was able to rescue all of my data: the system booted from the drive every other restart and was very slow (booting took about half an hour).

    It seems you are in for a pretty expensive repair even when doing it yourself. Google for hard disk swap and powerbook and be sure to have the right tools - Apple's screwheads are soft as butter.

    P.S.: Does anyone have any harddrive recommendations (especially temperature wise) for iBooks and PowerBooks?
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    If your hard drive is making noises, this is indicative of a harware failure inside the hard drive. Further use of the HD could cause damage that will make rescuing your data impossible.

    My TiBook HD recently failed and I checked for replacement recommendations and compatibility. I chose the 60GB 7200 RPM HD from Toshiba. It was pricey, but it's quiet and the speed difference is VERY noticable. I'm extremely happy with it.

    Swapping out the HD on the TiBook was easier than I expected. also has illustrated guides to performing the task that are invaluable for guidance.

    Good luck...
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