New Halo AutoBan feature?

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We were at work playing a nice intense round of Blood Gulch LAN hosted on my PM G5 dual 1.8 and it was going great. We are all using the latest Halo update ( One of the players had the flag and was inexplicably autobanned. I saw some sort of message pop up at the bottom of my screen, but I didn't notice it in time to read it. Something about a player being autobanned.

Well I have to say WTF?

In all these months of playing I have never seen anything like that. How can I turn it off? I've got no documentation that explains this feature and can't find it in any menus.

Thanks for any help.


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    I read "AutoBahn" and thought they had added some cool racing features.
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    Originally posted by mmmpie

    I read "AutoBahn" and thought they had added some cool racing features.

    Yeah Kraftwerk would like that!

    I found the answer. When starting Halo you get a steup window (hold command key when starting if you have previously dimissed this window). Click the "allow console" button. Then start up Halo and serve a game. Once in the game hit the ` (accent/tilde) key. This brings up a command line at the bottom. Hit "Tab" to see a selection of commands. Most commands are boolean and thus are turned on or off by typing a space and then a 1 or 0 after the string. I was able to unban our wayward player.

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