PB G4-ready Memory for iBook

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I am seriously thinking about maxing out my iBook's memory to 640 MB, seeing how OS X regularly pages with 256 MB of RAM (get the MemoryStick utility to see what I mean.. it'll beep at you every time there is a page out!). It'll also be useful for things like VPC and Classic.

However I want to leave the door open for a future upgrade to the PowerBook G4, especially if the performance situation doesn't improve rapidly for OS X (I want to cry everytime I restart in OS 9 and have to come back to OS X (mostly for its buzzword compliance, network compatibility, Unix goodness and just plain Aqua coolness)! It's that bad ). So my question is twofold:

1. can I buy memory for the PB G4 and use it on my iBook (512 MB) despite the fact that the frequency is higher (133 Mhz vs. 100 Mhz)?

2. what kind of memory should I get? same physical format for both iBook and PB G4?

Also, any suggestion to what cheap vendor to get the RAM from? I don't want to spend more than 100 bucks on 512 MB, which seems entirely feasible judging from the market.

thanks in advance!


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    kecksykecksy Posts: 1,002member
    iBooks and PowerBooks can both use PC133 RAM.

    In an iBook the RAM is underclocked to 100MHz.

    In a PowerBook the RAM runs at full speed.

    Don't put PC100 RAM in a PowerBook.
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    Try Other World Computing. I think PC133 512mb is $107.
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    does the manufacturer/vendor actually matter for RAM? what if I just head to ramseeker.com and go with the cheapest? any risk involved? need I be more discriminating when it comes to RAM?

    I remember six months ago or so Apple had posted some firmware updates which basically disabled your RAM b/c it was so called "cheap" RAM.. is less expensive RAM "cheaper" indeed? SHould I stick to some big name (except Apple obviously) to avoid that situation in the future?

    thanks a bunch
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    order placed. from OWC. thanks guys.
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