Quicken 2004 ?

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I am getting ready to start using Quicken 04 Premier on my pc ...as soon as I can most likley around Dec or Jan I will be switching to a 15 PB...will I be able to trnsfer my data from Quicken for Windoz to Mac...

Thanx for your help


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    jcgjcg Posts: 777member
    The data should transfer fine, you may need to check with your bank to make sure that your on-line features will work the same on the Mac as they do on the PC.
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    g2gg2g Posts: 39member
    thanks I will look into that ...I didnt find anything at the web site for Quicken but I will e-mail them and see...
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    Be warned, I transferred my Quicken information to Mac from Windows. It was not nearly as nice as the Windows version. They left out a lot of the nice features on the Mac, which is really too bad. I'd think about getting VirtualPC instead and using your Windows version of Quicken on your Mac. One example is the savings goals feature. It's on Quicken for Windows, but it's not on the Mac version.

    I tried to switch back from Mac to Windows (just for this program, otherwise I love my Mac) and it wouldn't go back. I lost 7 years worth of history.
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