Pismio 500 Boot Problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a Pismo 500Mhz with 128Mb of RAM and a "test" 2Gb hard drive from a Wallstreet (running 9.x) with a 40Gb coming, missing the battery and DVD ROM drive... When I would reset the PRAM on my Wallstreet, it would light up spinning the fan, etc. Now, when I go to reset the PRAM on my Pismo, it will not do any of that. I checked all the parts and they seem to be OK as far as I can tell... I went and reset the power manager via the back of the machine. I also removed the RAM and got it to give me one beep indicating the RAM is missing, so I know the processor board is good. I can tell it is getting power as when I hit the "caps lock" key it lights up. Could the boot problems be related to the hard drive and/or lack of battery and DVD ROM drive? Opinions? Thanks in advance!

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