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I own a PowerMac G4 500 "Sawtooth" (AGP). I currently have 256 MBs. I need to max my memory. The Apple System Profiler states that my PowerMac has four PC100 3.3V 168-pin SDRAM slots available. MacTracker states that my Mac can max at 1.5 MBs under OS 9.2 and 2 MBs under OSX. My question is, how is this possible and does this mean I should purchase four 512k units? Also, what is an ECC registered memory? Is it any better than a non-registered or a non-ECC unit?

Gino J. Piazza


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    Buy 4 of these

    MDN1364U/512/L3V4\t512 MEG APPLE POWERMAC G4 NEW PC133 VERSION \tÂ* @Â*\tÂ*$48.00

    @ <a href="http://www.18004memory.com/category.asp?catid=9&subcatid=904"; target="_blank">http://www.18004memory.com/category.asp?catid=9&subcatid=904</a>;

    Total cost $196 + Shipping

    It doesn't matter they are 133 sticks. Your computer's bus just won't use the last 33MHz and they cost the same as 100 MHz sticks.
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    ECC stands for error check and correction. It's used mostly in servers and workstations.
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    kecksykecksy Posts: 1,002member
    Don't buy ECC memory BTW. It won't work in you PowerMac.
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    Actually it could kill something if you tried to use ECC RAM.

    Just go buy some regular PC-100 or PC-133 SDRAM sticks. And you need 4x512 MB (not kb) to have a total of 2GB (not mb).

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