10.2.1 Won't Mount Firewire Drive

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My G4 800 MHz froze in iTunes- had to force restart. Since then 10.2.1 won't mount my 60GB external Oxford firewire drive. I get an error, message saying that it cant verify or mount "unknown" device and to open disk utility to verify & repair the disk. Disk utility lists the external drive with nothing underneath it and the buttons in the repair utility are all dim as is the mount option in the options menu. When I boot into 9.2.2, everything is just fine- the drive shows up on the desktop and all of my data is fine. Does anyone know why 10.2 can't see it and what to do to fix the problem?


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    I have three Oxford 911 1394 devices (2 hard drives and a CDR) attached to a 10.2.1 Cube and they are all working just fine. I suggest you backup and reinstall 10.2 + 10.2.1 update. That should fix your problem. It's not an Apple problem. You probably have a corrupt system.
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    Close.... nudge that barrel a little South next time you're shootin' a new topic up... 7 forums down to be precise. Pleas for help belong in the Genius Bar.

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