10.2 + TiBook Rev B - anyone NOT having issues?

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I am really wanting to upgrade my wife's TiBook 800 (rev 2 I believe - it has the better screen resolution) to Jaguar (it is currently running 10.1.5) but I have only heard horror stories of sleep issues, massive heat issues because of QE, and other mysterious behaviors...

Has anyone put 10.2(.1) on a TiBook 800 and NOT experienced weirdness in some form or another? The main issue in my mind is with QE and the heat/fan issues. Anyone have jaguar on this machine and not having increased heat?

Thanks in advance!


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    I've been running 10.2 (and 10.2.1) for about two weeks now on my Ti800, and it works just fine. If I encounter any of the problems you mentian, I'll let you know.
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    I had serious fan issues for about a week. Then I crashed hard, and then the fan issues went away. I still have no idea what was going on, but it's happy now. There are some discussions at the apple site about this, but I haven't checked in a while.
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    I installed 10.2 on my 800MHz PowerBook the day after it came out and have had no problems. I haven't tried 10.2.1 yet.
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    I installed 10.2 the day it came out on my TiBook 800Mhz and havent had a single issue with sleep or with the fan..

    To reinforce this fact, since installing Jaguar I am yet to turn this TiBook off. That means its been sleeping without issues for a good month or so now!

    Will let you know if I encounter any porblems
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    This is reassuring - thanks for the responses. I got pretty nervous seeing all the issues on the apple discussion boards, but obviously people only go there when they are having problems so it is hard to gauge the frequency of those issues.
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