Powerbook charger - 45W vs 65W? Also battary on Applecare?

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My powerbook charger died. I got a new one on Applecare. First they sent me a charger for a flat panel display, and tried to insist that it was user error that it wouldn't work with my laptop (G4 12" rev B). But eventually they sent me a powerbook charger.

Thing is, my old one was 65W, and the new is 45W. Otherwise they look identical. What's the deal? Will it work as well?

Also, my battery is only holding 1 hour of charge now (after 9 months). What recourse do I have for getting a new one? I know Apple don't replace for normal wear-and-tear, but 1 hour instead of 3 is a pretty significant reduction!



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    g2gg2g Posts: 39member
    I would call customer service or take it to a brick and morter store...if you call make sure you get the name of the person you talk to...not sure about the 65w to 45w...but call them asap..
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    The 12 pb get the 45 watt adapters and the 15 &17 pbs get a 65.


    45W power adapter with cable management system (12-inch models)

    65W power adapter with cable management system (15-inch and 17-inch models)

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