Panther Fax/Address Book -vs.- FAXsft X Pro

in Mac Software edited January 2014
So I got an unusual question the other day and thought I'd bounce it off the forum.

An old student is doing some work for a company that depends on bulk faxing.

(Yes, it sounds like spam, but the users have signed up specifically for fax updates).

The issue is that the fax list is 1700 numbers who get 25+ faxes each per year.

Of course, the fax machine's internal memory only holds 175 numbers, so it's a pain.

Other than web-based fax distribution systems, (my first recommendation), the question came up as to whether their Panther (10.3.5) systems or even the old OS 9.2 iMacs might be able to handle the job.

I remember FAXstf on OS 9 being cumbersome, but don't recall if it had bulk send capability or whether it was capable of distribution lists that large.

Panther's limited fax software seems to call a manually entered number or address book entries (including groups IIRC), so logically, the question might be whether Address Book chokes on lists that big.

Anybody tried FAXstf X Pro for OS X?



D'oh! typo in title.
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