HELP RE: Powerbook G4 Purchase.

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Just a quick question for anyone who can help.

I'm looking at buying a 15" powerbook g4. I'm not all that educated with respect to computers - all i know is I had a Dell laptop (which was heavy, hot, cover faded, etc) - and I'm not getting another one.

I really like the apples, I'm just not sure if they're right for me.

I love the dimensions, weight, physical attractiveness and seemingly superior build quality of the Apples, but having been a pc user for my entire life, the os is a big unknown to me and will be a huge change for me should i decide to finally switch.

I use my computer for school mainly - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. I like to download music and videos and occasionally game with some of my buddies - but i'm not big into graphic designs or animations.

From what I've read elsewhere - based on my computer use - a PC might better suit my needs - however - there are no pc-based laptops with the physical quality (size, weight, etc) of a mac.

Would a mac suit my needs given the price difference, or would i be better off with a PC?

All responses are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Mr V.


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    Not so huge a change, windows are windows, programs are programs. The biggest changes you will encounter are a stable OS that just works when you want it to, and all the time, and a truly fine portable computer design, that is going to blow your socks off when you see it, then use it.

    A mac is just easier to use hands down. I've used (and use) both and do almost all my work on the mac (I have a desktop mac and a powerbook). I'm like you, everything I do I could do on a pc but I don't want to do it on a pc, the mac is just better - a lot better. It is more expensive but it is worth it to me to have a nice machine.

    Good luck with your decision - and while what you do can be done on a pc, you would never be better off with it -

    crazy n
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