Security Cable for new iMac?

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I checked out the specs for the iMac G5 (I just ordered one), and it doesn't look like it has a slot for a kensington security cable. Does anyone know of an affordable non-ugly lock I could buy for it?


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    There's a spot for a regular Kensington or which brand security slot right underneath the power cord connector.
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    I'll buy a G5 when:

    Dual 3.5Ghz G5 (Dual Core)

    1GB DDR650

    PCIe X16 slot (Perferred Dual slot)

    1.75Ghz FSB

    20" LCD

    All for $2499


    Hehe! If I was going to buy a computer like that, then I would feel very stupid buying only 1 GB of RAM along with it

    Sorry, a bit off topic... 8)
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