More iSight issues

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I've posted questions on this before and so far haven't been able to figure out the problem.

I have a 12" PowerBook with 768MB of RAM and an iSight camera. When I chat with friends and family members via iChat, everything works perfectly. The sound is quite clear and the video is very smooth (almost but not quite TV quality).

However, and here's the issue, whenever I try to initiate a video chat with someone using a PC and AOL v. 5.5 or higher I have nothing but problems. My girlfriend and parents boh have high end PC's with more than enough RAM, processing speed, IP connection speed to handle a video chat. However, the video freezes about every 3-4 seconds and is quite choppy. The audio works perfectly for them (they can hear me) but I can't hear them at all.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Can anyone make any suggestions as to how I might fix this? Is it a PC issue (connecting to a Mac) or is it an AOL issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm ready to puul out my hair.


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    It might be an ISP bandwidth issue or port block on the PC. Try something like to check speed. The PC could also have spyware running in the background eating up CPU and network bandwidth.

    To summarize: Blame it on the PC. There are zillion things that can go wrong with it.
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