External Firewire DVD-/+RW drive - reccomendations?

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I'm giving my windows pc to my Mum next week and am going PowerBook only until i can afford a 20" iMac. This is cool, because i love my PowerBook and i love OS X. I can do everything i want on the PowerBook, except...

...when i bought it i got a combo drive because i was short on cash and didn't need one at the time. Oops. Now i'm getting rid of my pc i won't have a DVD writer, which i need really.

Obviously an external one is the only way to go, so does anyone have any reccomendations?

EDIT: I said firewire in the title... but would a USB2 one be as fast/faster/similar performance as a firewire 400 one?

Just seen a LaCie DVD+-R/RW 16x Dual Layer external usb2 drive for £82.99 inc/ VAT. Seems pretty good to me?


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    I, personally, would choose the Plextor 708UF2 drive if I needed one right now. But I'm going to wait a wee bit longer until Pioneer release the external version of their 108 16x speed drive.
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