iSync support for phones lacking

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I bought my first mobile phone this week after fruitlessly trying to find one that would work with iSync and Verizon Wireless. I could only find two Motorola phones, the V710 and the V60p that were compatible - the first far too expensive and the second far too ugly. And that was after visiting both Radio Shack and a Verizon store.

What I don't understand is why virtually every phone out there seems to sync with a PC, but so few with Apple. Apple doesn't sync with any of the popular LG phones (I got two of the VX3200) for example.

What's the problem here? Does Apple refuse to talk to LG, or vice versa? And why no third party work arounds?

I'd love to use iSync with my new LG phone, but gave up. Anyone else with this problem?
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