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Hi, this is my first post, I have been lurking for a while and have a few questions regarding ram for my 12 inch power book 1.33.

First, how much ram would you recommend, I was thinking in the lines of either 512mb stick or a 1 gig stick, since I have only one slot to play with. Being that the bus speed is slow compared to the ram speed and my hard drive the slowest of the bunch, I believe it's a 4600 rpm 60 gig, will I see a big improvement with the added ram?

I know this question does not belong in this section, but I came from a windows xp system and the only game I played on that computer was "America's Army". The game played fantastic on my xp system that had 512mb of ram, 7200rpm hard drive and an athlon 2100 xp. So I downloaded the game on my powerbook and it runs not so good. I have to turn down all the setting?s to be able to play it, but is this due to the lack of ram, or everything to do with OS.

Also I know this question does not belong here, but is there a program that I can use to talk live between my OSX to a XP system something like I chat (without video) but just the audio?

Sorry for some of the dumb questions, I would just like to know what other powerbook owners experienced with upgraded ram.

Thanks Lane
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