Running high end programs on imac g5

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I'm looking to switch as soon as possible but i need to be able to have a decent workflow in programs like after effects, shake, and possibly motion(even though it looks super cheesy). do you think that id be able to accomplish this with a 20" with maxed out ram? I dont really want to put the extra cash into a powermac since i'll probly be buying a new machine in about 2-3 years. I figure with the imac i'll be able to have a much more aesthetically pleasing computer for menial tasks when i get that new machine, rather than two 50 pound monstrosities.


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    I think the 20" iMac G5 should run the tasks you mention fine, apart from possibly Motion, which really does require a lot of resources. Maxing out the RAM is a wise move.

    I recommend you save yourself a lot of money and buy your memory separately. Just make sure it is DDR 400 and that it MATCHES exactly, so that it can run in 128 bit mode.
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