Final Cut Text File preferences

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Final cut will only allow me to open a Final Cut text file under 1MB and I need to open a file that is 9MB. I retrieved some data erased off of my PC formatted external drive, and the only way that I could get it scanned was by opening up the drive with Virtual PC. (Another bug with this particualr PC formatted drive is that when you try to save project files on to it they are saved with zero kb, -a glitch I just confirmed by way of another posting) I retrieved the file that I was trying to get and when I pulled it from Virtual PC to my Mac desktop, it was saved as a Final Cut Text File.

I've checked all the preferences avaliable to me that I know of on the program and come up with nothing. The only other option I can figure is to be able to convert the text file in to another format that Final Cut can read no matter the size.

It's been a really rough road and I've been stumping proffesionals alll over Los Angeles as well as the web.

Any help would help,


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