PowerBook 160 Hard Drive SCSI cables?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Here's the deal. A client has finally had this 'Book fail - screen is dead. But the hard drive is okay. How to get the data off?

One option would be to use the cable that turns this 'Book into a SCSI drive, but I can't find these cables anywhere! Another would be to rip out the HD, but when I did, I am looking at a "nonstandard" SCSI cable pin-out - anyone know what it is called so maybe I can search for a cable/adapter that I can use to hook it up to "real" SCSI on a G4 PowerMac to transfer the data?

My third option is to install the hard drive in a PB140 and move the data off on floppies or across LocalTalk.

Any help/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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