Music Quiz game on iPod is odd

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I only noticed it last night for the first time, so started to play. I could see that the quicker I recognised a song, the more points I got. And it kept track of my correct answers.

I ended up on around 32,000 points, and 97/101 correct answers.

But, does it ever end?!?! Could I have kept going until the battery ran out?

At 25, 50 songs I kept thinking - it will end, and give me a score I'll need to beat next time. But no, it just carried on and I just got fed up after 101.

So, is it a half baked implementaion that will get better? Is that how your quiz game works? Does anyone like this game?




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    Yeah that's how it works. It's a Zen Music Quiz.

    The obstacle is the path. The journey is the reward. You know the drill.
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