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I was looking at the Apple site today and it doesn't give enough detail about iChat in Tiger. Does anyone know if

1. It is P2P like Skype?

2. If it is P2P, will there be a windows version so we can talk with win computers or will it just allow us to communicate as long as we have an IP.

Right now I use Skype for some friends overseas and they have PC's. I would really love for the next iChat to knock me off my feet. The conferencing and video part look great but I want more.



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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    There's no evidence that it's P2P. The main addition will be support for an open source chat server (Jabber), so that organizations can host their own chat networks rather than having all their traffic go out to AOL's servers and back.

    iChat will apparently continue to depend on a client/server architecture to work.

    Of course, if Apple has a surprise in store, they're not going to preview it. But all present indications are that it won't include anything like Skype.
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