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I just returned a Linksys 2.4 ghz router today and ended up getting a Belkin version. I was having some serious problems with the Linksys and often couldent get a signal at all. Other times I would have full signal but the browser would tell me it couldent find the server. This is very frustrating since I can go to any coffee shop down the street and turn on my powerbook and be online. I hear all these people tell me that it was so easy to set up their wireless network but I ran into a plethera of issues with the Linksys (there was no Mac support, which led to the Linksys tech support brushing everything off on the fact that I use a Mac which was another reason I returned it for the belkin).

I was just wondering if there is any advice about setting up wireless networks at home for those of us who go the cheap (non-apple) route? Is it true that wireless phones that run at 2.4 ghz will interfere with the signal? Whats the best placement for the device, and does your desktop computer or monitor interfere with the signal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    i dont think the problem is your linksys

    granted its possible it could be a bad unit

    i have a15" ti800 powerbook & the reception is nowhere

    as good as my wifes 12" ibook

    i have an airport express unit plugged into a linksys (non wifi) router

    now ive also tested a bunch of ibooks 12 & 14" & my pbook

    with a linksys wrt54g & the pb's reception drastically

    falls off after a certain range

    the ibooks had much better range

    one of the things you could test with very quickly

    is to plug in a 3rd party wifi card in the pcmica slot

    in the pbook. if the reception is still bad then you

    know its the linksys, otherwise you might have a loose

    wifi card in the pbook
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    We have a Linksys g router and it is okay. The basic setup you can do on your mac using Safari but there are some security settings that require you to run the CD that came with the unit and that is only for windows, at least on mine.

    Placement - Middle of the house for best coverage. Range usually is only one floor up and down and several rooms wide.

    Interference - The closest phone (2.4ghz) is about 10 feet from the unit and has never caused any trouble.

    The Linksys also locks up a lot when we take power fluctuations or hits. We have to reset power to it to get it to work. We have an airport extreme that just works all the time. Nothing seems to make it fail. If the AE had 4 ports on it I would not have gotten the Linksys. You might also want to try Interference robustness.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Here are some of the details I may or may not have left out and also the outcome...

    I originally purchased the Linksys (wireless-G router) for $69.95 thinking it was a cheap alternative to the Airport Base Station that costs quite a bit more. The Linksys had not manual, very little paperwork at all, and was not "mac compatable". This of course did not matter to me because I was going to set it up using my desktop PC and adjust the settings then I shouldent have any problems as the wireless signal is OS independent. Anyway, the so called "easy set up disk" did not recognize the router and would thus not give me internet service on even the PC (which happens to be a very current piece of hardware running Windows XP pro). Additionally when I checked the Linksys website there was no Help in the "Help" menu for the problem I was having. After trying everything possible I called tech support 2 times and spoke to 2 different people, who were both rude and reluctant to help. After walking me through a manual set up we got the device to work. The next issue was that although I had full signal on the powerbook I was unable to reach the servers on any browser I tried half the time. Other times I would have half signal and although slow as hell I was able to get service. All and all it was inconsistant and every time I called a tech support person they brushed it off as a problem that they didnt support. Fair Enough....

    Yesterday I packed that B-double-itch back up and returned to CompUSA where I exchanged it for a Belkin (payed an additional $20.00). Coincidentally the belkin was up and running in less than 5 minutes and offered a much stronger signal. I have no problems with the Powerbook signal what so ever and havent found a single thing that I dont like about the Belkin. I would normally chalk this up as a faulty unit on Linksys part but with the addition of the shitty tech support and no manual I don't believe I will be buying Linksys branded equipment in the future.

    Again thank you guys for trying to help me track down the problem...I think I found it
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    all linksys manuals are in pdf form on their website

    in fact linksys usage has been frequently covered

    on macosxhints.com
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    Originally posted by madmax559

    all linksys manuals are in pdf form on their website

    in fact linksys usage has been frequently covered

    on macosxhints.com

    I understand and perhaps I am just a bit old fashoned but I still perfer to get a manual to thumb through with products of this nature. Especially when troubleshooting its nice to have a physical manual.
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