Postscript printer recommendation for OS9.2?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Howdy, I am trying to solve someones problem with an Okidata 1200/PS and an Asantetalk adapter running to a G4 tower using OS9.2.

I am having no luck so far.

I was suggesting to him that he just buy a Postcript laser printer that will hook up to one of his USB ports so he doesnt have to go through all this crap with adapters. I guess another option would be a printer with an ethernet port built in.

Right now this printer uses a old mac serial cable and needs the asantetalk to hook up using his ethernet port (and a hub that also contains his cable modem connection). The number of wires around this computer is crazy!

Anyway, he has to use 9.2 because he uses a music program called Sibelius that isnt out for OSX yet. Anyone have a recommendation for a Postcript laser printer that can hook up directly to a PM G4 running 9.2?

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