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Apple needs to come up with a new start up tone, something that doesn't sound as cheesy as it does now. Some power sound that signifies the awesome power of the new gen of computers. Cause what, it's been the same tone for 8 years or something. We need something new! If anyone has any ideas of what it should sound like. please post. I'll try to make up somethings as well.


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    geobegeobe Posts: 235member
    The only deviation from the tone was with the 20th Anniversary Macintosh. Same tone, but a deeper richer sound. I agree, they need something new, something similar to a THX intro... A rich, deep, 3D sound.

    Excellent idea.
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    m01etym01ety Posts: 278member
    I sort of feel they missed the boat... The G5 would have been the perfect "event" where the new tone could have been introduced...
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    Keep it. It is better then that windows sound. I want the death sound back when you sut the mac down. Maybe one like the Powermac 6100 sound was.
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    yup, let's go back to the apple II sound, the best! Beep

    Or they can make it so that you can change the startup sound? Like make it a little flash memory that can have a sound saved in it to be played as usual.
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    The tones have changed.

    But does anyone care? I think there are other things I worry about more, like getting good hardware out there, and tapping the market better.
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    But isn't that what Apple is all about? Small subtle changes that are hardly noticeable, but as a whole make a better product! I'd welcome a new sound!
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member

    Originally posted by quagmire

    Keep it. It is better then that windows sound.

    After all, the Windows boot sound is still just a beep after all these years. That hideous 4-5 tone noise is more of an "OS loading" sound.

    I think the Mac tone is just about perfect. One deep, resonant note. Simple yet distinctive, not needlessly complex.
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    I kinda like the Quadra sound
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    I would rather have the intel sound, just for some irony
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    Originally posted by imac600mhz

    I kinda like the Quadra sound

    I love the Quadra sound! It's my favorite of them all. The Centris/Quadra AV sound was also good.
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    I want the pentium/intel sound - backwards.

    (I can't find that jingle anywhere by the way...anyone have a quicktime link?)
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member

    Originally posted by Altivec_2.0

    If anyone has any ideas of what it should sound like. please post. I'll try to make up somethings as well.


    I like the current one.... It's just so 'Mac'!
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