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I am considering buying a PowerBook G4 but I am worried that Apple is going to release an major upgrade really soon, like a PowerBook G5. I have just switched from PC and have fallen in love with Apple. But my portable is still a windows machine and its getting pressing to swtich so that both my desktop (G5 2.5) and laptop (?) would be Mac. The rumors I have heard is that Apple is going to take its time to make a G5 PowerBook becasue of the heart issue. Obviously the iMac is having little tiff. So any recomendations of suggjestions as to what I should do would be greatful.

The proposed PowerBook G4:

15" 1.5GHz with 128MB

1 gig ram

5400 rpm 80 Gig

Super Drive

Thanks for your help,



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    Just ordered a Powerbook, same spec as yours bar the 128Mb Video memory. I was wondering about the rospect of any forthcoming upgrades but realistically think if Apple do announce a G5 PB it will be two or three months before they really ship and I need a laptop sooner than that


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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    Even if they managed to make a G5 Powerbook in a few months, the G4 laptops would still be very good machines. I have a 1.33 PB and it's never slow in my use. The only thing I've tried that was too much for the G4 is UT2004.
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    I've actually been on the fence, and I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the same spec powerbook in 17"--I'm worried that Apple will speedbump the G4 and I will miss out on that, but I think they may not do that until January, or go G5, and I can't wait that long. I also don't want a first rev machine again.
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    I too just ordered a 17" pb, same specs as Nomad, (it's in Anchorage, so a few more days!). I have a Powermac dual G4 1.25 and love it, Apple came out with new ones soon after I bought it and I don't care, my machine is just right for me. The powerbook will be fine for me too, even if they come out with another soon. Apple is moving so fast that there will always be another machine. If the one you want does it for you, then don't wait, go for it. If it falls short of what you want, then wait is all I can say (but if you are ready to buy, how can you wait, I couldn't).

    Good luck

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