Screen Keyboard Protectors for PB 15"

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I just got my PB 15" and I was wondering if there is a problem with the keyboard rubbing on the screen and making marks or scratches. Looking through the back of a Macworld mag I saw like felt blanket sold that goes between the keyboard and the screen for that exact reason. Is this unessasary or not? My PB travels in a carrying case with me everywhere and I normally baby it like crazy but I just want to be on the safe side.

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    I'm paranoid about my screen (and battery etc) too. I've got some piece of fabric that was in some old Powerbook ('99 or earlier) so no clue where it was bought.. J&R probably.

    iSkin for your keyboard may be enough to protect the screen. And the skin is very smooth to touch too, and it'll take care of the keyboard too.
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    meecesmeeces Posts: 160member
    Check out this website, have some cool little items that would take care of your questions. The screensaveRZ thing is nice because it can also clean the screen.
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    Be nice if I included the website,
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    I had problems with that with my Titanium Powerbook. I bought a thin foam screen protector, but it seemed to thick and I thought it was putting to much pressure on the hinges. So I did not use it

    The keyboard did leave marks on the screen that were very noticeable when the screen was off, but I never noticed them while the computer was on.

    But when I got my new 17 in. Powerbook (I did not know if it had the same problem, but did not want to take the chance) I found a thin leather screen protector from:

    It is very thin and works great.
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