powerbooks & 23" displays

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if anyone is running a config like below please

respond. (only if you have actually tested this)

15" Ti800 rev b/c powerbook (dvi out)

23" alu display

1.can the powerbook drive the 23" at native rez

with its lid closed aka @ 1900x1280

2.can the powerbook do as above with its lid open

ie 23" lcd at 1900 & its own 15" lcd at 1280

please dont post links to apples website

or any other marketing specs

im well aware of the hardware my pb has

before plunking down 2k i would like independent

confirmation of the above

so a response would be greatly appreciated


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    ok took my ti800 to the local frys to test it

    heres what i found

    when attached to the pbook it automatically goes into

    extend /span mode

    23" display = 1900x1200

    15" lcd = 1280x854

    when i switch to mirror mode

    23" display = 1280x854

    15" lcd = 1280x854

    now whats really annoying is i can have independent rez in mirror mode

    but on the 23" the picture SHRINKS to 1/4th the size of the screen

    also i couldnt find a way to turn the powerbook lcd off so only

    the 23" would work as an external lcd
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    Hook up the external display, keyboard and mouse then close the lid. Now wake up the computer from using the KB/mouse and your will be driving the external display at the full resolution.

    I don't believe apple suggests doing this for long periods of time, however. The heat is not good for the PB's LCD or something like that.

    This is known as operating in clamshell mode.
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    actually the pbook stop sleeping if you have a power adapter attached

    when you have a ext display

    in that case the lcd does go to sleep & you dont need to close the lid

    heres how to do it

    make sure adaptor is attached

    battery alone wont run that display

    1.attach lcd

    2.hit f7 to go to mirror mode

    3.close pb

    4.attach keyboard/mouse

    5.move mouse or press a key

    external lcd will now be at full res

    open powerbook lcd will be turned off so heat issues are no longer

    a concern

    i just tested this on a 17" viewsonic crt at home

    using the dvi->vga cord that come with the powerbook
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