Resetting IP address on G4 IMAC

in macOS edited January 2014

Does anyone know how to reset the IP address on a G4 IMAC. Sometimes I want to remedy my internet connectivity problems with an IP reset but I don't know how. Any suggestions are welcome.



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    If you're using OS 9, it'll require a reboot.

    In OS X, go to System Preferences->Network.

    In Panther, choose your network connection (likely Built-in Ethernet) and click Configure and authenticate yourself. In previous versions of OS X, choose the network connection from the popup (IIRC)

    Choose the TCP/IP option. If you're connected via DHCP, you should see a button Renew DHCP Lease. Click it and you should be good to go after a few seconds.

    If you have some other configuration, I'm probably not going to be able to help.
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    I will try it......thanks....
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