Free Flat Screen LCD Monitor/TV?

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It is true. You can get a totally free flat screen monitor or tv. Anyone heard of I?m sure you have, and if you haven?t, visit But, there is another free item you can get. You can get a free Samsung flat screen 17? monitor, 27? Sony flat screen TV, a free 24? combo TV, or a Samsung 15? flat screen LCD TV. You can pick which ever one you want. Yea it?s true. I don?t know if anyone has tried this one yet, but I did actually do the deal and my free flat screen is on it way. ?Status: Shipped?. I already received my free ipod 2 weeks ago. I recommend the Infone deal. There is no commitment, and they do not charge your credit card. And you get 5 free calls. If you never use it they never charge you, there are also no annual fees. And even if you do its only 89c after your first 5 free calls and the service is really amazing. The MyInks deal(buy any ink product even if it is just one 3.00 ink pack) and the Blockbuster deals are really good too. If you do not see an offer worth signing up for, just wait deals rotate out a few times a day, so keep checking till you see one you like.

This is all brought to you by the same people that everyone is getting their free ipod?s from.

Oh and here are some links proving it?s legit. You do not have to take my word for it. It?s also been on CNN but I cant seem to find the link.

--Wired Magazine News--,2125,64614,00.html
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